Freitag, 29. Januar 2016

LAAX feat. Pie

Also Pie came over for a visit. We had good times on the mountain and the weather was awesome as you can see.

the panorama from Vorab Glacier

Thanks for the visit my friend.

Donnerstag, 28. Januar 2016

Carving Shots

This board is just insane. so much fun to ride and carve it!

always stay low and incognito

Dienstag, 26. Januar 2016

LAAX feat. Rossi & Robert

Last weekend my friends from home Rossi and Robert came for a short visit to Laax. Unfortunately it was a pretty busy weekend on the mountain so we tried to avoid the crowds on the slopes and find some good spots away from them. We wandered around in a wide open forrest trying to get some nice photos and do some jumping. The jumps didnt turned out big but the fun was huge even though the snow wasnt as soft as it looks.


 Rossi ripping through the deep hard snow

and Robert is happy as well

and this flying me ruined the photo. 


@ Work

My co-worker nicola took this picture today at work. I think this one is going viral the next 24 hours. 

Montag, 18. Januar 2016

First Pow

Finally winter has arrived and it feels good to have snow. After a long week at work I have some days off. You know what that means. 

  First let me introduce you to my new achievement. Thanks to #koruashapes for this beauty of a snowboard. I really like the clean look, the shape and the handling. Check out for more information of this young and innovative brand.

The view this morning on the walk up to the first chairlift. Sun after one week of strong snowfalls lets you get even more exited for the upcoming day.

Btw "Laax Open" started today but you can't waste time.. you know. It's better when you have your own fun

Fun like this!

Donnerstag, 7. Januar 2016


Another winter season is coming up. So here we are. LAAX. Another piece of the worlds quality.

In early december my roomate alex and i did a little hike with another nice view. just crap in the background #crapsogngion

Riding the first chairlift of the season. not much snow? no fuck given! GO SHRED

PRH 1.5

First post, here we go.

Its a while back, but i want to share this experience i made with my friends eva and thomas.

In august we decided to take the long road to slovenia for punk rock holiday. A small festival in the middle of the mountains in this beautiful country which is definetly worth a trip and a must see. Its limited to 5000 punkrockers, freaks und most of all nice people who come together to celebrate good times with good music, food and drinks.

Its always nice driving into the mountains. Doesnt matter if its for snowboarding or punkrock. The view never disappoints ( see below ).
Some exploring in a ruin in italy.

Setting up our tent in this scenery. Not too bad.

 So there are just two stages. This is the BEACH STAGE next to the most beautiful Soca River.

Check this out!

Most of the time we spend in the water playing frisbee and listening to the bands on the beach stage. You need to cool off when its 35 degrees and you already drank 5 beers at 12AM.

 A big party for one week.


See you at PRH 1.6.. Peace!